Empi TENS Unit

Note: DJO Global closed their Empi TENS production in 2015
Most of the information here applies to other TENS Units, both prescription and over the counter.

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An Empi TENS unit may be just what you need when pain is demanding your attention. While not a cure, these units can provide relief from chronic pain and discomfort. A TENS must be prescribed by your doctor. But a short visit with him may give you the relief you need to resume normal activity. I consider that much better than sitting on the sidelines and watching life pass me by.

Empi has been a leader in non-systemic pain management and physical rehabilitation. They feature cutting edge non-invasive products that are available world-wide. Based in St. Pail Minnesota, they continue to offer patients and their doctor’s additional solutions to pain management.

Electrotherapy combined with conventional treatments such as surgery, drugs, and physical therapy, offers a wide range of relief to the patient. It may also be the sole treatment of pain in certain cases.

The devices are quite small and very portable. They may be hidden under clothing and used throughout the day. A system consists of a control unit with battery and two or more electrodes. Not to mention you control the dosing when and where you need it. This makes them idea for work, play or at home use.
The electrodes self-adhere to the skin in the area of the pain. Your doctor will prescribe the locations and type of electrodes, along with the proper settings for the unit. And as mentioned they are a non-invasive solution to pain care. And they have little or no side effects. (Rarely, discomfort at the electrode site)
With over a million units in use, including mine, Empi knows the market well and provides a superior product.

So who uses them?
 · Recovering patients
 · Athletes
 · Physical Therapists
 · Chronic pain suffers
Who cannot use them?

 · Pregnant women
 · Anyone with a pacemaker
 · And anyone whose doctor does not think a TENS will benefit them.
This all sounds great but what are the benefits of using a TENS unit? First they decrease pain, anywhere from taking the edge off to completely masking it. And when you hurt less mobility comes back into your life. Another big plus is the reduction or elimination of medications. In my case, the unit replaced medication altogether. Many users are able to return to normal activities and even return to work sooner.

An Empi tens unit works primarily on nerves near the skin surface to interfere with pain receptors. With doctors care they can be used on many parts of the body. However they seem to be used mostly on the lower back neck, back, shoulder, knee, wrist and hand. Your doctor will tell you where to put the electrodes and home to set the unit.

Getting a prescription is an absolute must. Most physicians are very familiar with them and can readily write the script you need. And get this; they are covered by nearly all medical insurance companies.

So take control of your pain and call your doctor today. Stop the suffering and enjoy life again. Your body will thank you.

Disclaimer: We are NOT associated with Empi or DJO Global

Note: DJO Global closed their Empi TENS production in 2015
Most of the information here applies to other TENS Units, both prescription and over the counter.