The Empi 300pv is the electrotherapy device that my doctor prescribed for my back injury several years ago. While not a cure these units can offer temporary relief for specific and chronic pain. They are often used in sports medicine in injury rehabilitation programs.

The 300pv was quite effective in relieving my pain, though it did not eliminate it. Everyone responds a little differently to pain therapy. This is one of the reasons to see your doctor before getting one of these. Another is because a prescription is required to buy and use one.

Like other devices, it produces specific electrical pulse and waveform therapy as per the physician’s order. For a complete description of what a TENS unit is seeing the home page.

Technically the 300pv is an NMES, which stands for Neuromuscular Stimulation device. It is extremely portable and runs on 2AA batteries. I got numerous treatments per set of batteries, but this varies depending on the programming. Having rechargeable batteries is a good idea. This small 8 oz. grey unit comes with a cover to protect the keys during your daily activities. It is commonly worn on the belt or in a pocket.

I found the programming to be a little messy. It seems there are a lot of steps to program it correctly. However, your doctor can program it for you if it is not preprogrammed when you receive it. A feature that doctors will like is that the device can be locked to prevent changing the settings. This is also nice for the patient who does not want to be bothered by this detail.

Another feature doctors will like is the ability to operate as one of several different devices. Those modes are, NMES, TENS, and High Volt Device. And it has the capacity to replace much more expensive hardware in a clinical setting.

It has a very nice LCD display that makes programming easy, although complicated. With 9 NMES and 4 high-volt pre-loaded programs, it can also be simple to set. The doctor’s prescription will determine which one you can use.

It wasn’t that long ago that TENS treatment was an in clinic only procedure. And the early home units were prohibitively expensive. The EMPI line has changed that and along with the fact that most insurance now covers there use, they are one more weapon in the fight against pain.

Visit your doctor and have a conversation about options to control your pain and start living again.


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