Empi Electrodes

Preferably, I use high-quality Empi electrodes to complete my electrotherapy system. I’ve used other brands, but have always gone back to Empi. These electrodes are engineered to match Empi TENS and NMES systems perfectly. There are many styles available to accommodate special needs such as; sensitive skin, high humidity, high temperature, and active lifestyles. I’ll go over some of them here. However, you must consult with your physician or medical provider when selecting the correct electrodes. All of the electrodes mentioned here are Empi brand.

StimCare Premium Electrodes use, believe it or not, a pure silver conductive layer to provide uniform electrical current distribution. I have used cheap electrodes in the past that had a sharp knife edge type of burning sensation at the edges. The Empi has no such feeling. The pure Aloe vera, thick, hypoallergenic pads are skin friendly.

The Carbon Foam Electrodes are more flexible and use a resilient adhesive. Together they provide longer electrode life in high-temperature use.



Carbon Cloth Electrodes are for use where a low profile yet comfortable pad is needed. They are also breathable. 

Do you have sensitive skin? Yup, there’s an app, I mean electrode pad for that. The Blue Gel Sensitive Skin Electrodes are tailored just for you. They incorporate a thicker gel pad which yields more comfort for sensitive skin.

The reason I was prescribed a TENS unit was for my degenerative joint disease, which has led to nerve damage and fused vertebrae. This next pad is one of my favorites; the Lower Back Electrode. Empi has designed this one to cover larger areas of the lower back and to stay in place better than small pads. They are also shaped to fit your back and hence be more, you guessed it, comfortable.

I haven’t used the EasyWear™ Conductive Wrap, but it provides quick easy placement of the electrodes. It is as simple to apply as a Velcro back support. It’s great for on the go people, at home or at work.

The SnapEase® electrode is a small pad used for localized treatment. It features snap connectors for use with snap leads. A specialized adhesive gel leaves no residue.

ComfortEase® Multi-Day Electrodes utilize a durable adhesive to achieve multiple days use from one electrode. They are however not reusable. I have used these about as much as I have reusable ones. They are not designed for wearing in the shower, yet mine has stayed put through a couple of showers. Disconnect the pads from the TENS unit before showering. Do not take the TENS unit in the shower!

Placement positions

Empi also makes carbon rubber electrodes, The NeuroAid®, designed specifically to withstand high heat and high humidity.

And last, on my list of Empi electrodes are the Active TENS™. They are made for use with Empi Active TENS™ Unit. They incorporate a supportive wrap to give the support and comfort needed for highly active people. Such as might be required in sports medicine.

Empi also has a complete line of skin care products. They improve adhesion, reduce irritation, and lengthen the electrode life.

And naturally, they have lead wires, batteries, and chargers for use with their products.

Everything they make is intended to be used as a system. Like I said I’ve used the rest, but have always gone back to the Empi brand.

A prescription is recommended for the use of any TENS units.


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