Empi Select

The Empi Select first became available in February of 2007. Empi has been a market leader and innovator of non-invasive pain management for more than 30 years. The Select is their first product introduction since they merged with Compex Technologies, Inc. in 2006. Drawing on the strengths of both companies Empi has solidified their presence in the market.


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Disclaimer: The information contained on Empitensunit.com is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified physician or other medical professionals.

The Empi Select is a cost-effective Pain Management System. Patients and doctors can be comfortable knowing that each patient will receive proper electro-therapy treatment. While not foolproof, the units are very easy to operate. Again follow your doctor’s directions.

The Select is so small that concealment is easy and appropriate for wearing to work, play or just out and about. Once set, the patient can go about their lives paying very little attention as the unit works its preset program.

For the analytical, here are some specifications:

Dimensions: 4.31″ x 2.38″ x 1.38″
Weight: 4.9 oz with batteries 3.7 oz without batteries
Power Source: 3 alkaline AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries
Output Current: 0-60 milliamps
Pulse Rate: 2-150 pulses per second (pps)
Pulse Duration: 0-400 microseconds (μsec) at 50% peak amplitude
Waveform: Asymmetrical bi-sourced biphasic waveform with zero net DC
Maximum Charger Per Pulse: < 30 microcoulombs under normal conditions
Compliance Monitor: Displays number of sessions, average session length, total hours of use and average intensity for Channel 1 and Channel 2
Tolerances: All electrical specifications are +/- 20% into resistive 1000 ohm load

I don’t know about you, but those numbers mean very little to me. What matters here is the Empi Select is one sophisticated device that delivers.

The Select is ideal for treatment of post-surgery, chronic, and arthritic pain. The benefits of this unit are localized relief of pain. This relief ranges from taking the edge off to the total elimination of the pain. Again, your results will vary.

Visit your family physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, or pain management center for an evaluation of your condition. Let them decide on the best treatment for you and if a Select unit is right for you.


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